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Book Review, Giveaway: Rule Breakers by Mary Billiter

Title:Rule Breakers
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 16th, 2017
Publisher: Hot Tree Publisher
Cover Designer: Claire Smith

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What happens when the rules and the heart conflict? In Mary Billiter’s witty novel of rule breaking and delectable romance, a red-hot suit and a beautiful computer geek are linked by heartbreaking loss and a passion certain to set fire to your pages.

From parking space to cyberspace, Waterfront Point hotel valet Carmen Gonzalez uncovers computer espionage at her own workplace. The independent, computer-whiz Carmen decides that the best way to fight the system is to hack it.

But when Hank Hughes arrives from the Oregon Coast to the Pacific Coast to take care of family business and avenge an injustice, Carmen’s “act first, think later” approach is called into question. Carmen soon realizes you can't follow the rules and follow your heart, so one has to be broken.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

The downside to being a pale Irishman was that when I was embarrassed, it revealed itself like a freshly boiled lobster, only nowhere near as enticing or desired.

I could have been covered in chocolate syrup and had hundred-dollar bills stuck all over me, and she still wouldn’t have been interested in me. A modern version of being tarred and feathered, and it wouldn’t even make her look twice in my direction. Epic fail.

His fingers were long, bony, and white. It was like watching the Grim Reaper play Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Thanks, but it’s not karma. It’s Catholic guilt, which I think is worse. Catholic guilt is the gift that keeps on giving and one that you can never seem to return.

…the employee of the month plaques and their pictures hung in the back Housekeeping hallway, because nothing said job well done like a police-quality mug shot buried in the basement.

I couldn’t charm a man even if I were covered in pizza slices and wore nothing but a widescreen TV that played nothing but all sports all the time.

And when I met you, you were an unexpected surprise. I knew you’d be amazing, but I didn’t know that your soul would touch mine.


My Review:

Rule Breakers had a little bit of everything and something for everyone to enjoy; interesting and diverse characters, amusing humor, mystery, a sweet and sensual romance, computer hacking, and endearing protagonists.  Mary Billiter is a new find for me, but I am going to rectify my inattention to her work as I enjoyed her humor and style.  She lost me a few times with the computer coding and geek speak, but I snapped to when the couple went from hacking to smacking lips and then on to sizzle and snap, right in the computer lab.  I adored the gentle giant of Hank the Tank and look forward to reading more of Ms. Billiter’s resort based series. 

Empress DJ

 More From This Author

Mary Billiter is a weekly newspaper columnist and fiction author. She also has novels published under the pen name, “Pumpkin Spice.”

Mary resides in the Cowboy State with her unabashedly bald husband, her four amazing children, two fantastic step-kids, and their runaway dog. She does her best writing (in her head) on her daily runs in wild, romantic, beautiful Wyoming.

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Book Review: Heat - South Beach Bodyguards #3 by Erin McCarthy


 South Beach Bodyguards #3

by Erin McCarthy 




I love women, especially naked, beautiful women. As a bodyguard at the hottest shows in Miami, I’ve scored my fair share.

But there is only one woman I truly want… Miranda.

My brother’s ex.

My brother who faked his own death to escape drug debts and left Miranda grieving and in the dark.

Now Miranda is back in Miami, stepping down as a pop star’s body double, and looking to make a baby. With me.

A better man would say no. But I never claimed to be a saint, only better than my brother.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Sex makes you stupid. Wanting sex makes you a downright moron.

He kissed like it was art and I was his canvas.

What most people are is somewhere in between saint and Satan. They are shades of gray.

It was true, guys know where they land on the scale of peewee to porn star and I knew I was packing a decent weapon.

This is Miami and I oversee the rich and famous. Everyone is crazy. Though I had one guy in particular who was about eighty years old and spent all day walking around his house completely naked. There was something both horrifying and awesome about that.

My Review:

A book based in South Beach with the title of Heat… silly me!  I wasn’t prepared and my oh my, this story was beyond steamy and sizzling doesn’t even come close to describing the erotic and salacious sensual scenes – I think I was actually gasping as the imagery knocked the breath right out of me.  But that was not all there was to the tale; there was also suspense, humor, a shameful secret, danger, a ten-year crush, and a friends to lovers storyline.  It was a quick and entertaining read, but it might be a bit awkward to peruse in public unless you plan to be poolside and frequently able to take a refreshing dip to cool off.  

Empress DJ

Erin McCarthy

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book in 2002 and has since written almost fifty novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult, and adult romance. Erin has a special weakness for New Orleans, tattoos, high-heeled boots, beaches, and martinis. She lives in Ohio with her family, two grumpy cats, and a socially awkward dog.

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Book Review: The Nameless by Barbara Cutrera

The Nameless

by Barbara Cutrera



The past, present, and future collide when Anya, Etherea’s last Oracle, is kidnapped by a stranger called Nameless. She soon discovers that her captor has plans to use her in order to seek revenge against Emil, the sociopath who stole his innocence and memories and turned him into a vicious fighter and ruthless killer. When he realizes that Anya’s power holds the key to his past, Nameless decides to modify his plot and keep her for himself.

Impulsive and stubborn, Anya, daughter of Tabitha and Alexi, rapidly uncovers pieces of her captor’s past, including his name: Xander. As she glimpses his history, she quickly loses her fear of Xander, finding goodness within him when he becomes her selfless, fierce protector. “Every heart can be reached,” her mother once told her, adding, “Where there is love, there’s hope.” But will Xander’s refusal to accept his own worth prove Anya’s mother wrong?

Pursued by Emil and his henchmen, the couple discover their passion and love as they uncover more secrets about Xander’s early life and try to accept Anya’s startling last prophecy. Even as they flee from one country to the next, both are determined to stop Emil before the promise of what is meant to be can be crushed by the events of the past. If Anya’s final vision doesn’t come to pass, then Etherea’s future itself is in jeopardy.


My Rating:

Favorite Quote:

Life is equitable in that we each have our share of inequities.

My Review:

The Nameless was my favorite installment of The Gift Series, although there is obviously room for more and a chance for a new favorite to come.  I immediately fell into the story and felt the urgency, tension, and confusion of the character of Anya as the tale begins with her kidnapping in the midst of a siege and explosion.  Her kidnapper has big plans to use her as an instrument in his plot of revenge, although he is forced to toss all his carefully made plans, one-by-one, as he falls for his captive.  

I rarely read this genre but I have enjoyed this series immensely.  The storylines have been highly active and eventual as well as engaging, imaginative, colorfully descriptive, emotive, and incredibly steamy.  The premise of The Nameless was creative and unique and I was intrigued by the alluring characters while also horrified by the atrocities the character of Xander had endured.  The world created for the story was an odd conglomeration of the middle ages with horse-drawn wagons and magic in use in the rural countryside, in high contrast to the beginnings of the industrial revolution with mass transit, cars, telephones, and electricity in the nearby cities.  Such is the beauty of the fantasy genre, which is only limited by the author’s imagination, and Ms. Cutrera’s appears abundant and enviably nimble.  

Empress DJ



Barbara Cutrera is the author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, fiction, and mystery novels. She became addicted to reading and creative writing at an early age but didn’t decide to write her first novel until she was in her 30s. Even then, she was unaware that she was destined for a writing career. Barbara, who is visually impaired, was a rehabilitation counselor before she became a full-time author. She believes our minds are only limited by the restrictions we place upon them. Her greatest passions are for writing, reading, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, cooking, and drinking Dr. Pepper. Originally from Louisiana, Barbara, her husband, and their son moved to southwest Florida in 2004 and love the diversity of their coastal community.

To learn more about Barbara and her works, read her blog, and enjoy extra content, go to There, take advantage of the opportunity to subscribe to her monthly newsletter in order to receive updates, participate in giveaways, and read extra content not readily available to nonsubscribers.

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Book Review: Wild For You by Daisy Prescott

Title: Wild for You
Series: Love with Altitude #3
Author: Daisy Prescott
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Cowboy Romance
Release Date: September 11, 2017


Cowboy fantasies. Oh boy, do I have them. I blame the shiny belt buckles and those chaps.

After getting dumped by my Not Future Husband, I've decided to spend the summer in Aspen exploring new adventures. First on the list is sexy rodeo champion Justin Garrison, who seems happy to accept the challenge.

What if I fall in love with the real man behind the fantasy?


Being the charming cowboy is an easy role to play. Whenever I'm on the back of a horse or riding a bull, everything's simple, uncomplicated. Running my family's ranch and trying to keep past scandals buried are a lot harder.
When my path crosses with a beautiful brunette at a rodeo, I'm not looking for more complications. Zoe Saragossa's not a typical buckle bunny and I'm definitely not her type.
Can a city girl fall for a real cowboy?

Wild for You is a standalone, slow burn cowboy romance set in the Rocky Mountains. It is part of the Love with Altitude series of stand-alone romantic comedies.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

My ex, Geoffrey, was smart, nice, kind, and great on paper. Zero zings. Jesse and I don’t line up on paper, yet we work.”
“Zings?” I ask.
“All of them.” She stares into space with a soft, dreamy expression on her face. “And those laser noises. Pew pew pew. In my pants.”  

“I might have a thing for chaps.” I tilt my head in the direction of a row of cowboys standing on the metal fence near the bulls. “It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Front, back, and sides.”

I feel like I’ve found out Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are all real. And everyone’s been keeping it a secret from me.

A spark of city girl panic over being out in the wilds of the unpaved world grows in the middle of my chest, pressing against my lungs… I probably shouldn’t have dropped out of Girl Scouts after the Great Cookie Debacle of third grade when I ate over half the boxes of Thin Mints I’d sold. To other people.

Buzz. Cowboy’s name is Buzz. Seems appropriate because he’s been the object of my own personal buzz sessions with my new BOB, a breakup gift from Mae.

Freaky circus sex. Come on, you’ve never thought about this before? I bet the clowns are kinky. Then you have the lion tamers with their bossy ways and whips. All those bendy acrobats and trapeze artists? And of course, the sideshow freaks. You know they’re into more than swallowing fire and swords.

 I unlatch the doors on the crates while giving both dogs a little pep talk. “Don’t lick his face. Or sniff his crotch. No trying to hump his leg.” I could give myself the same speech.

My Review:

I adore this author, this is the second book of hers I’ve read and I love her clever wit, gifted word-craft, comedic flair, and vibrant and endearing characters.  Zoe and Justin were a sweet and lovable couple and I vastly enjoyed their insightful and amusing inner musings, banter, and gentle playfulness.  I was as drawn to them as they were to each other.  Wild For You was the third book in the Love With Altitude series, yet I never felt lost or confused, although I would love to read the previous installments as well as all of Daisy Prescott’s previous and future books.  I felt fangirl flames shooting from my Kindle as I read.  

Empress DJ

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Wild for You releases on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited
on September 14, 2017

Also Available


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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling Author Daisy Prescott writes romantic comedies about real love.

Love with Altitude, Daisy's new series of standalone Rom Coms, is set in the mountains of Colorado. The Wingmen books star regular guys who often have beards, drive trucks, and love deeply once they fall. Modern Love Stories feature characters in their thirties and forties finding and rediscovering love in unexpected and humorous ways.

Born and raised in San Diego, Daisy currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband, their rescue dog, Mulder, and an imaginary house goat. When not writing about herself in the third person, Daisy can be found traveling, gardening, baking, or lost in a good book.

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Book Review: Misadventures of a City Girl by Meredith Wild & Chelle Bliss

Misadventures of a City Girl
by Meredith Wild 
& Chelle Bliss

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Fresh off a divorce from a Hollywood hotshot, Madison Atwood needs an escape. With the paparazzi fresh on her heels and her love life splashed on every tabloid, she runs away to a swanky retreat in Northern California. Avalon Springs is the mountainside haven she needs to find herself again.

Luke Dawson lives off the grid, preferring solitude to society. When he finds a beautiful woman soaking in the hot springs on his property, he can’t stop himself from watching her. She captures his attention, but she’s just a city girl—a beautiful distraction disturbing the peace he’s settled here to find.

When Madison discovers Luke’s secluded cabin, he can’t turn her away again. They make no promises. Madison needs to feel wanted again, and Luke misses the touch of a woman. But when mother nature has other plans, they’re forced to spend more than a night of passion together. Can Luke say goodbye to the only woman who’s made him feeling anything in years, and can Madison leave behind the man who brought her back to life?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Groveling will help… Couldn’t stay married this long without eating a few slices of humble pie… Remember you’re wrong, she’s right, and it’ll always turn out in your favor.

I’ve never been so present with someone. It probably had to do with the lack of distractions. No cell phones, television, or Internet makes focusing on each other inescapable.

In the center is a king size bed made out of thick logs… “I made it myself.” Luke’s chest puffs out with pride… “I made sure its construction would stand up to rigorous use.”

My Review:

An LA girly-girl in transition as a recently betrayed, humiliated, and freshly divorced woman who is still smarting from being dumped by her first love/movie star husband.  She treats herself to a month long mountain spa retreat where she happens across a hermit/mountain man/Greek god/sexy lumberjack/Former Decorated Navy SEAL, who lives quietly and off the grid to accommodate his PTSD and rippling muscles.  Of course, they have off the charts sexual chemistry and set fire to the sheets like adolescent bunny rabbits.  Oh my, the storyline was highly sensual, smokin’ hot, and highly likely to cause dehydration, even for a nun.  There was a transformative, sweet, and curative love story evolving during and between all the erotic sex and I actually adored this couple together. 

Empress DJ 

About the Authors

Meredith Wild is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of romance. Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband and three children, she refers to herself as a techie, whiskey-appreciator, and hopeless romantic. She has been featured on CBS This Morning, The Today Show, the New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Publishers Weekly, and The Examiner. When she isn’t living in the fantasy world of her characters, she can usually be found at:

USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss currently lives in a small town near the Gulf of Mexico. She's a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and coffee fiend. She's written over ten books and has two series available. She loves spending her free time with her boyfriend, 2 cats, and her hamster.  Before becoming a writer, Chelle taught high school history for over ten years. She holds a master's degree in Instructional Technology and a bachelor's in History. Although history is her first love, writing has become her dream job and she can't imagine doing anything else.

Book Review: Magnolia Nights by Ashley Farley

Magnolia Nights

By Ashley Farley


From the author of the best-selling Sweeney Sister Series and Sweet Tea Tuesdays comes a new novel of passion, intrigue, and redemption.

Ellie Pringle has spent endless hours and countless dollars working with a therapist to remember the lost years of her childhood. She’s baffled and more than a little intrigued when the grandmother she hasn’t seen in thirty-four years dies and leaves her a fortune. The time has come to face her past in person. Still reeling from a recent breakup of a long-term relationship, and with nothing to keep her in San Francisco, Ellie packs her meager belongings and boards a plane for the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Standing in the entryway of her grandmother’s antebellum home on South Battery Street in Charleston, Ellie faces the first of many ghosts who will soon haunt her. On her first night in the creepy, creaking mansion, as she’s perusing the titles in a dusty bookcase, she comes across her deceased mother’s leather-bound journal. Her mother’s words create more unanswered questions and send her on a quest to find more journals. As Hurricane Irma bears down on the South Carolina coast, Ellie encounters Juan Hagood, a handsome architect who has the talent to restore her dilapidated mansion and the charm to mend her broken heart. But as Ellie reads her mother's diaries, they dislodge a stone in the wall that safeguards her memories, causing her world to come crumbling down. Revelations about her childhood lead Ellie on a harrowing journey of discovery that will hold spellbound until the dramatic conclusion.

My Rating:

Favorite Quote:

Her eyes convict and sentence you to death before you’ve even committed the crime.

My Review:

Magnolia Nights was an unexpected yet captivating departure from the previous works I have read by Ashley Farley.  I loved her Sweeney Sisters series and I was pleasantly surprised by the somewhat eerie, intriguing, and mysterious Magnolia Nights.  The storyline was unpredictable and engaging, and it certainly piqued my curiosity and kept me a bit on edge from beginning to end.  The tale was well-crafted and full of twists and turns as well as heaving with an eclectic cast of characters that included the endearingly flawed main character of Ellie who is struggling to recover her childhood memories as well as secondary characters who were more than bit eccentric, bizarre, and chillingly devious.  The storyline could best be classified as women’s fiction that entails mystery, family drama, romance, suspense, and maybe even a restless spirit if the housekeeper were to be believed.  I was quickly pulled into the tale and had a hard time putting my Kindle down.  I am eager to see what Ms. Farley does next. 

Empress DJ

About the Author

Ashley Farley writes books about women for women. Her characters are mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives facing real-life issues. Her goal is to keep you turning the pages until the wee hours of the morning. If her story stays with you long after you've read the last word, then she's done her job.

After her brother died in 1999 of an accidental overdose, she turned to writing as a way of releasing her pent-up emotions. She wrote SAVING BEN in honor of Neal, the boy she worshipped, the man she could not save.

Ashley is a wife and mother of two young adult children. While she’s lived in Richmond, Virginia for the past 21 years, part of her heart remains in the salty marshes of the South Carolina Lowcountry where she grew up. Through the eyes of her characters, she’s able to experience the moss-draped trees, delectable cuisine, and kind-hearted folks with lazy drawls that make the area so unique.

Visit her website at for more information. Or sign up for her newsletter using this link:

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Book Review: Birthing Balls (Ball Games Book 7) by Andie M. Long

Birthing Balls 
(Ball Games Book 7)
by Andie M. Long 


Lindsay and Beth’s pregnancies progress, with Beth looking like a supermodel and Lindsay looking like…well…Buddha. Meanwhile, a panicking Tyler practices being a dad by borrowing a fake baby…

Dora anticipates a sexy surprise, except that's not what happens, leading to unwanted attention from an old friend of Tim's. With this, and her about to be a grandma, Dora decides maybe it's time to start playing bingo and give up on trying to look good. 

With a strange jogger-wearing mother appearing, Cam and Beth once again unite to get revenge. This time on the man causing Dora’s misery. 

It’s yet another round of chaos from the Turner family and friends.


This is book Seven in the series. It can be read as a standalone but for the ultimate in reader satisfaction read the others first! Everything concludes for the family in book 8 - out 2018.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

May, Lindsay’s sixth month of pregnancy. My vitamin fruit smoothie is by my side. Yes, she’s pregnant but I’m the one in need of vitamins, and a new set of genitals.

So a tip for you guys. If you need a rest from the baby stuff, either being bored by them going on and on about babies, or if you’re worn down to the point of exhaustion by their libido. Get man flu. I repeat say you have man flu. This can be our little secret… maybe I’ll even stretch it to ten days. Depends on how long it takes for my genitals and thighs to recover. And on that note somehow I need to get down to the kitchen for another vitamin drink to build up my strength.

“I saw you at Christmas.” Dora winks at her daughter… “When I was doing the trimming up for the Christmas display. I had to avert my gaze from the window… Not surprised she’s marrying him,” Dora adds and holds her hands wide apart.

“Happy birthday, Cam.” She hands over an envelope which has cash stuffed in it. “I left Ty to sort your gift so he basically just went around the house, picked up any stray money he could find and he put it in a card he found in my kitchen drawer which you’ll find is a Christmas card. You could have £500 or loose change amounting to 67p, I have no idea, and I’m sorry, Cam, but I’m too tired to care. When I’ve had the baby, I’ll treat you to something nice.”

… a tiny sip of wine will not cause damage to a baby. Whereas looking at your face and your attitude it looks like your own mother drank herself into oblivion after shagging Quasimodo.

My Review:

Andie M. Long’s bawdy humor has once again provided me with an afternoon of respite to giggle-snort and bark aloud with glee.  I have smirked my way through all seven installments of this delightfully mischievous and mirth filled series.  The man-child Ty, continues to enjoy his success as a YouTube sensation, and is wisely capitalizing on his girlfriend’s pregnancy by writing a Bewildered Baby Daddy book of his experiences; his inner musings and insights are nothing short of hilarity.  Dora, ever the hot mess, continues to provide her own special blend of comic relief and embarrassment to her adult children with her shenanigans and colorful antics.  I adore this eccentric oddball family and want this series to continue on until Dora requires placement in a nursing home, where she would most likely terrorize and entertain the staff in equal measure.  

Empress DJ

About The Author

After twenty+ years of thinking about it, at the age of forty, I decided it was time to finally WRITE THE BOOK or forget about it. I studied two Open University Courses in Creative Writing and finally wrote my first novel. I've now written a ton of novels and have the ideas for so many more!

I live in Sheffield with my son and long suffering partner. We now have a beautiful fur-baby called Bella. When not being a partner, mother, employee (I also work for the NHS) or writer I can usually be found on Facebook or Pinterest.

I'll be signing in Newcastle 2017 and York 2018.

Stalk Andie Here: